Value Driven Account Plans
Value Driven Account Plans

Enable the work of Strategic Account Management

The cornerstone of becoming a Trusted Business partner is customer collaboration and value creation. Companies are failing on this critical work because their methods and enabling tools ignore “what's in it for the customer”. Valkre is changing this with an end-to-end Strategic Account Management Platform that is the recognized choice for the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) and its 8000 members.

There are three modules that enable the work from Account Plans to Value Delivery



Research the customer situation, develop a Value Story, and collaborate with customers to develop a customer focused value plan.

Customer Situation

Define Customer Business Drivers, Objectives, Challenges, assess your Relationships and Competitors.

Value Story

Leverage a library of Value Intelligence to build a personalized Value Story that links to the customer situation and quantifies the potential customer outcomes.

Customer Feedback

Share Value Stories with key customer stakeholders, organize their feedback and develop a customer informed perspective on value creation Target ideas.
Assessments1 Assessments2 Assessments3


Organize value creation Target ideas, create business cases that monetize expected customer outcomes then work to make decisions and drive internal and customer team alignment.

Manage Decision Making

Maintain an active view on Target ideas approved, those that have been declined and others that require additional work to reach decisions.

Quantify Expected Value

Define the solution, quantify potential customer outcomes, internal revenue and profit potential and the feasibility of execution.

Align Team On the Plan

Convert Target ideas into Initiatives or Projects that detail owners, team members, dates, status, etc. necessary to establish execution accountability.
Targets1 Targets2 Targets3


Manage the execution of projects, track the value delivered to customer, keep everyone, including customers, in the loop and connect it all to your deal pipeline.

Collaborate on Execution

Create work visibility to dispersed global teams, drive accountability for delivery and simplify status reporting.

Customer Facing

Invite customers to access the tool directly or turn into customer facing mode and share status and get feedback on initiatives in real time.

Track Value Delivered

Verify with customers value delivered versus expected, track value delivered over time and connect it all to your customer revenue and profit growth.
Initiatives1 Initiatives2 Initiatives3

Optionally integrate the plan with any CRM


CRM Integration

Connect the value-based strategic work done in Valkre to existing sales and account management processes being run in CRM.

Instant Plan

All of the work done in Valkre available in any CRM under the Account Profile.

Turnkey Implementation

Apps available for and Microsoft Dynamics make it easy to implement and maintain.

Custom Integration

Open infrastructure means we can connect any part of Valkre to any existing CRM process.

Structure. Skills. Speed. Equals Success.

Our customers’ Account Managers are leading the growth efforts for their companies.


Revenue Growth

Upcoming multi-year contract at risk due to entry of new competitor and customer irritation due to execution and political issues.

Had not communicated internal discussions on value proposition with customer since last deal several years ago or validated performance with customers due to long standing position as dominant supplier.

Worked cross-functionally to align on the economic value that is being delivered today. Used economics to break through politics and validate the value being delivered. These insights were included in negotiations that saw revenue increase by 66% relative to prior forecasts.


Improved On Time Completion

Customers complained to company that it was impossible to get things done on time. Company found it difficult to execute key customer initiatives due to their silo’d organization.

Sales had difficulty keeping customers informed on when improvements would be completed because of manual processes and tools with no connection to customer feedback.

Created real-time visibility to over 300+ value creating initiatives for over 500 employees resulting in a 95% on-time completion improvement of 50% compared to a year earlier.


Share Improvement

Company unable to hold off of new competitor in South America due to customer perception that their challenges were not being given proper attention.

Found it difficult to obtain, socialize, and execute on customer insights as decision making was made thousands of miles away.

Built local capability to understand customer priorities and build execution scorecards that customers could access directly via web portal. The increased transparency and shared responsibility resulted in long term agreement that guaranteed 25% share improvement vs forecasts.


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