Integrated Value Intelligence
Integrated Value Intelligence

Connecting the Work of Product Marketing to the rest of Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing communicate to customers everyday. Unfortunately these teams are not using their company’s Value Stories and intelligence because they don’t know it exists, can’t find, or it’s out of date. Valkre closes this gap with a Database of Value Intelligence organized around Value Stories that can be integrated into existing Sales and Marketing processes.

Until Valkre, Product Marketers have had nothing but bad alternatives for making their work available for use by the sales and marketing organization.



Open the Value Intelligence Library and get instant access to the most valuable sales and marketing content organized around a Value Story.

Value Stories and Calculators

Stories and calculators that are updated in real-time to represent the best thinking and experience of an organization.

Competitor and Market Intelligence

Establishes Value Story positioning relative to market, customer and competitive situation.

Files and Links

Supporting material, presentations, case studies, video links are all brought together in the context of a value story.
Database1 Database2 Database3


Interfaces that ensure the organization can access the Value Intelligence Library anywhere, anytime using their desired communication mode


Cloud access for any connected device without the need for licenses to other software platforms.


Mobile interface enables fingertip access to Value Intelligence for everyone communicating with customers.


The database nature of the Value Intelligence Library allows it to be connected and accessed through virtually any system.
Access1 Access2 Access3

Structure. Skills. Speed. Equals Success.

Sales and Marketing are producing results with improved Value Intelligence


Faster to Revenue New Sales Reps

This manufacturer of Building Products had 200 sales professionals of which 30 were new each year due to promotions and attrition. It would typically take 6 months for a new rep to start producing.

The challenge for the company was that much of the selling expertise on Value Stories was in the heads of the sellers. There was no formalized approach to continuously capturing and improving the Value Intelligence that made the best sellers successful.

The company implemented the Valkre Value Intelligence Library. Within a year they were able to reduce the time for new reps to become effective from 6 months to 2. Several of the new reps became top producers as they were far more proficient in leveraging technology to enhance customer communication.


Million Deal Win

A technology company was faced with rapidly escalating competition from global competitors. The company had traditionally sold on the fact its technology had been a first of its kind with superior features and functionality.

With increased competition, procurement within its customer and prospect base were leveraging the company with lower competitive pricing. The company started losing deals.

The company leveraged Valkre’s Value Intelligence Library to focus its selling organization on the quantified customer outcomes it was able to offer above and beyond low priced competitive alternatives. The company won a high profile deal as a result and the use of quantified customer outcomes was established as a standard practice.


Time Reduction for Market Entry

A traditional manufacturing company had a strategic focus to build and sell offerings into the emerging Internet-of-Things market. The market was developing quickly with a literal battle looming over who could position themselves most quickly.

The challenge for the company was that the pace of business was much faster, more agile, than their traditional approach. This faster pace affected everything from offering development thru to selling.

By using Valkre the company was able to fundamentally shift from slow-and-manual to fast-and-digital a mountain of process related to building value stories, getting customer feedback, and equipping the selling organization.


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