Improve Value Propositions
Improve Value Propositions

Structures the work to develop, test, improve, and quantify value propositions

Critical to success is a clear, compelling Value Proposition. Despite this, the idea of 'Value Proposition' is a nebulous concept in many organizations that is not very well understood or quantified. This creates a critical gap in all efforts to develop, sell, or market any offering effectively on value.

This gap typically occurs because Product Marketing and Product Management do not have a structured approach to define and test value propositions with customers during new product development, after M&A activity, changing market trends or competitive advances.

Valkre has co-created a solution with leading B2B companies to close the value proposition gap fast.

Valkre provides Product Marketers and Product Managers with a patented approach to Improve Value Propositions


A Place to Work

Develop and test, consistent, rigorous Value Propositions for any commercial situation

Value Calculators

Visual Value Calculators

Specify how customers benefit and manage the numbers required to monetize the impact

Value Calculators

Voice of Customer Value

Collect feedback on what customers value and where they would have you invest to create more value


Customer Value Analysis

Aggregate customer feedback for insights on how to improve value propositions and guide decision making


Value Intelligence Publishing

Manage versions and supplemental intel such as Sales Messaging, Competitor Battlecards, Sales & Marketing Collateral…


Leading B2B companies rely on Valkre to improve their value propositions.

General Electric

“A real time source of truth that helps us talk in a way our customers understand”

Kristi Lundgren
GE Digital Energy

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You don't have to go it alone. Valkre provides expert support, training, and advice based on experience with many companies.

Onboarding Onboarding

Pick a Value Proposition and we'll help you get working on it fast

Coaching Coaching

Ensure quality, and move faster with the help of an expert

Consulting Consulting

Enlist an expert to develop and test Value Propositions


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