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Valkyries decide the winners and losers of battle

In Norse mythology, Valkyries take the victors to the promised land. In B2B markets, Value Creation is your path to Valhalla. At Valkre, we build software and provide expert support to make this idea of value creation as easy as possible.

Value Kreation

Valkre Journey

The Patent

U.S. Patent 8,311,879

Patented our system and method of customer Value Creation

The Book

Winning with Customers

Proved our patent with Owens Corning and wrote a book about it

The Software

Customers asked us to turn our proven method of value creation into software


Software is recognized by market leaders including Gartner and SAMA


Selected as the SaaS platform for Strategic Account Management Association


We offer an industrial strength Value Creation SaaS platform used by leading companies around the world.

Valkre Leaders

Jerry Alderman
Jerry Alderman
Founder and Sales
Brian Kiep
Brian Kiep
Founder and Operations
Carlie Alderman
Carlie Alderman
Customer Support
Greg Bandy
Greg Bandy
Front-end Development
Josh Schay
Josh Schay
Software Engineering
Michael Cain
Michael Cain
Creative Design and Development

Our Resources on Value Creation


Winning With Customers

Winning With Customers shares the insights gained from our experiences developed while executing outside-in customer approaches. We speak often to professionals in many different settings and the most common interests are: How do you do this? How do you get started? What do you do? There is really no way to answer all these questions during a brief conversation. Our goal with this book is to give every business professional a resource for using more outside-in customer knowledge in the management of their business.

Beyond Six Sigma

In Beyond Six Sigma, the authors draw upon a broad range of experience helping companies build and guide growth initiatives to introduce a proven approach to driving growth. Using detailed conceptual explanations and real-world examples, the book presents a clear description of how these ideas and practices have helped numerous organizations and why companies today should consider adopting this repertoire of tools to drive profitable growth.

White Papers

Enabling Customer Engagement

As a system to define the Value Proposition and listen to feedback in order to improve it, RENDER enables companies to increase their customers’ engagement with them.

Collaboration and Value Co-Creation

GE and Valkre share cases on how technology is enabling Strategic Account Managers to improve customer collaboration and Value Creationn.

Strategic Account Management Reflection

This SAMA Velocity article describes how technology can help manage the complexity of value selling by enabling you to do a better job of engaging with customers.

Winning With Customers

This paper is a summary of our book Winning with Customers and about executing a Differential Value Proposition™ (DVP™) project to understand if your customers make money by doing business with you relative to alternatives.

Winning With Suppliers

This paper informs the customer side of the supplier-customer interaction to answer this question, "should you as a customer engage with your supplier?"

Owens Corning's Metric

Learn how Owens Corning overcame their challenge in having all employees be accountable for the value they create for customers by measuring customer value.


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