Meet New Demands of Customers and Drive Growth

In a few short years, we've helped our customers articulate 1,000 value propositions, understand the challenges of 2,500 customers, and complete more than 5,000 strategic growth initiatives. As a result, our customers have benefited in three ways:

  • 20%+ Higher Win Rates
  • 2X+ More Growth Opportunities
  • 20%+ Share Improvement

Through this work, it’s clear that the demands of customers are rapidly changing and meeting those new demands can yield dramatic outcomes.

Customer Engagement Redefined

The demands of B2B customers have changed. Companies are achieving dramatic growth by improving in three critical areas:

Articulate value

Communicate how your offering is different than competitive alternatives and how it is making your customer better off

Create new customer value

Help customers with their challenges by executing with speed and collaborating with them along the way

Bring speed and structure

The opportunity for B2B companies is large but many challenges slow them down:

  • Dependence on time-honored manual tools that are slow and do not scale
  • Unfamiliarity or little experience with meeting these new customer demands
  • Difficulty collaborating across an organization on behalf of customers

Our role is straight forward. Make it easier to increase customer engagement with a product that can be configured to a company’s specific objective and culture. Companies that we help are increasing customer engagement fast and achieving dramatic outcomes.

Jerry Alderman
Founder and CEO


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