Operationalize Value Selling
Operationalize Value Selling

Enables Sales and Marketing to align on, articulate, and personalize the value of their offerings to customers

Sales and Marketing talk to customers everyday. Unfortunately they talk features and functions rather than the specific value of an offering to a prospect or customer. This creates a gap in the ability to communicate customer value that gets in the way of profit and revenue goals.

This gap typically occurs because Sales and Marketing do not know what the value is, can’t find the right information, the information they find is out of date, have no tools to personalize value for a customer, or the information is disconnected from the day to day activity.

Valkre has co-created a solution with leading B2B companies to close this value selling gap fast.

Valkre provides Sales and Marketing the intelligence and tools they need to Operationalize Value Selling

Value Intelligence Library

Value Intelligence Library

Source of truth for the value stories, messages, calculators, competitive intel, etc. required to sell on value

Value Props
Personalized Value Calculators

Personalized Value Calculators

Personalize quantitative outcomes to customer and attach to deals

Custom Value Calculators
Real-time insights and messaging

Real-time insights and messaging

Connects a database of what customers value to sales and marketing processes

Access on anything, anywhere

Access on anything, anywhere

Ensures access to Value Intelligence anywhere, anytime, on any device

Valkre App Salesforce Mobile
CRM Inegration

CRM Integration

Ready-to-go connections that integrates value intel and calculators to Opportunities, Leads, Campaigns, Content, etc.

Salesforce Integration

Leading B2B companies rely on Valkre to operationalize their value selling efforts.

Cox Automotive

“Simplest, Fastest Way to Make our Insight Selling Efforts Scalable, and Sustainable”

Andy Kupsco
Vice President of Operations
Client Success

Owens Corning

“Streamlines marketing communication to our sales team and allows real time access to the latest information”

Bob Harlan
Director of Business Insights
Owens Corning

We're here to help

You don't have to go it alone. Valkre provides expert support, training, and advice based on experience with many companies.

Onboarding Onboarding

We'll help digitize your existing value intelligence and ensure your sellers and marketers have access

Coaching Coaching

Optimize the quality and usage of value intelligence and calculators

Consulting Consulting

Enlist an expert to help integrate your value intelligence into how your organization works and ensure the organization knows how to use it


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