Better Value Stories
Better Value Stories

Enable the work of Product Marketing

Compelling Value Stories are the most critical selling asset. Despite this, companies continue to leave money on the table everyday with feature-function oriented pitches that do not connect to a customer’s bottom line. Valkre stops this inside-out behavior with the process, discipline and rigor necessary to build and improve quantified, outcome oriented Value Stories.

Three modules that enable building Value Stories and Testing with Customers

Value Props

Value Props

Build the stories and quantitative outcomes that define the value of your offerings.


Create and prioritize your selling messages using powerful methods organized in a step-by-step interface.


Intuitive interface to define key customer metrics and calculate the customer impact of your Value Story in dollars ad cents.


Manage versions necessary to communicate to different audiences with copying and publishing controls.
ValueProps1 ValueProps2 ValueProps3


Test your Value Stories with customers to generate data on what is working and capture their ideas for continued improvement.

Turnkey Discussion Guides

Turn your Value Stories into customer guides to discuss the impact of your story and where it can be improved.

Conversion to Data

Simple interface to document or upload customer feedback and turn it into data than can be mined for insights.

Feedback Reporting

Shareable, rich detail on who and what was said about your Value Stories; where they are working and improvement ideas.
Feedback1 Feedback2 Feedback3


Analyze the feedback data from many customers and stakeholders to generate insights on how to improve and get into action.

Data Processing

Built-in search and processing analytics generate insights on what's working and opportunities for improvement.

Segmentation and Visualization

Installed tools make it easy to detect and communicate how customers differ in their perspectives.

Update Value Stories and Decide on Improvements

Integrated process logic uses Analytic outputs to update Value Stories and facilitate decisions on improvement ideas.
Analytics1 Analytics2 Analytics3

Structure. Skills. Speed. Equals Success.

Our customers' Product Marketers and Value Strategists are leading the growth efforts for their companies.


Reduced Market Entry Time

A traditional manufacturing company had a strategic focus to build and sell offerings into the emerging Internet-of-Things market. The market was developing quickly with a literal battle looming over who could position themselves most quickly.

The challenge for the company was that the pace of business was much faster, more agile, than their traditional approach. This faster pace affected everything from offering development thru to selling.

By using Valkre the company was able to fundamentally shift from slow-and-manual to fast-and-digital a mountain of process related to building value stories, getting customer feedback, and equipping the selling organization.


Revenue Improvement

Faced with impending cuts due to effects of recession, company needed clarity on what customers valued to retain business and manage through the downturn.

Complex value chain with competing priorities made it difficult to focus on one area without damaging growth efforts in others.

Invested in customer segments where the value proposition was strongest to help customers manage their cash through the downturn. Revenue increased 20% as these customers were more successful relative to their competitors.


More Growth Opportunites

Decision making in Hospital Systems shifted from Clinicians to joint effort between Clinicians and Administrators.

Did not understand the business challenges facing Administrators and had no access to learn more. Internal roles and responsibilities not aligned for managing Administrator relationships.

Developed an ‘enterprise’ value proposition that focused on running a Hospital vs. achieving specific patient outcomes to gain access to Administrators. 75% of the challenges identified were not on company’s radar resulting in 2X more growth opportunities with key customers.


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