Embed your KAM process into CRM and BI Efforts

Best-in-class KAM programs are connected to master datasets but clearly segmented from the transactional nature of CRM.

However, several challenges limit an organization’s ability to embed the specialized work of KAM into their CRM and Business Intelligence investment.

Challenges we solve

CRM is not KAM

Conflicting requirements between customer-facing, mid/long-term KAM and CRM platforms and apps designed to manage internal tactics.

KAM is not digital

Too much time spent manually assembling data, aligning teams, sharing progress and presenting results internally and externally.

Too many apps and datasets

KAM Programs get lost by utilizing too many individual apps that are not connected to master datasets.

Valkre easily embeds KAM into existing CRM and BI efforts

Zero maintenance CRM implementation

Install, test, and deploy Valkre in Salesforce.com in less than an hour — no maintenance required — straight from the AppExchange.

Zero maintenance CRM implementation

Embed BI dashboards in KAM process

Easily and securely embed existing BI Dashboards into the KAM Workflow and User Experience.

Embed BI dashboards in KAM process
Import to and from any dataset

Import to and from any dataset

Many CRM instances? Centralized Master Data? Valkre’s embedded integration services makes it easy to connect KAM with any system or dataset.

We meet you where you're at

New to KAM? Ready for best-in-class? Somewhere in between? We are experts at meeting teams where they are at and getting better fast.

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