Build an Award-Winning KAM Program

The Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) is the go-to resource for Best Practices, Education, Assessments, and Community for KAM.

Valkre partners, and collaborates, with SAMA in all areas to build best-in-class technology and training to enable the KAM Program.

Challenges we solve

Not sure where to start

KAM Process, People, and Technology are not well defined at a time when Key Accounts are demanding a higher level of partnership.

Training & tech not aligned

KAMs are taught new skills, processes, and frameworks without any performance support tools, the basis for coaching, or adoption tracking.

Not sure how to get better

KAM Program feels stale, with high variance in results without a deep understanding of where to properly invest, and improve.


SAMA + Valkre enables Award-Winning KAM programs

Instantly enable SAMA's 7-Step Process

Valkre has co-created with the SAMA community to truly bring the renowned 7-Step Process to life.

Instantly enable SAMA's' 7-Step Process

SAMA-Certified KAM Training

Valkre developed and leads 'Core 0', one of the world's most popular KAM training courses. 'Core 0' develops the KAM skills required to execute the SAMA 7-step methodology and enables it with technology.

SAMA-Certified KAM Training
Assess your program and improve

Assess your program and improve

Use the SAMA Program Assessment to determine competitiveness, then configure Valkre to manage and drive program improvement.

We meet you where you're at

New to KAM? Ready for best-in-class? Somewhere in between? We are experts at meeting teams where they are at and getting better fast.

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