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The KAM model has been growing in Life Sciences in response to healthcare's increasing consolidation and corporatization.

Technology has emerged as a critical requirement to support the KAM business model. ZS and Valkre have teamed up to solve critical implementation challenges.

Challenges we solve

Evolving Business Model

The Life Sciences industry is still searching for Best-in-Class definitions and how to best harmonize the KAM model within and across businesses.

Unknown Requirements

Life Sciences are relatively new to KAM and tend to have loosely defined requirements across silos not yielding high-functioning programs.

Implementation is Complex

As a regulated industry with a reach and frequency model that has been around forever, implementation and change are a high hurdle.


ZS + Valkre equals the best of services and technology

Expertise in KAM process and technology

ZS + Valkre understands the requirements of KAM in Life Sciences and how the model is best enabled with technology.

Expertise in KAM process and technology
Proven approach to change

Proven approach to change

Valkre has a unique ability to deploy out-of-the-box KAM technology configured to "meet teams where they are at". ZS understands existing work practices. The combination has created an effective change solution.

Continous growth and innovation

Continous growth and innovation

ZS and Valkre are each respected KAM thought leaders. Both companies are committed to developing and executing the evolving KAM practice in Life Sciences.

We meet you where you're at

New to KAM? Ready for best-in-class? Somewhere in between? We are experts at meeting teams where they are at and getting better fast.

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