Embed KAM into Salesforce UX & Workflows

Organizations utilizing Salesforce.com naturally desire KAM work to be done within their overarching CRM strategy.

However, several challenges limit an organization’s ability to enable KAM through its existing Salesforce.com implementation.

Challenges we solve

No KAM functionality

Salesforce is great at managing internal, short-term transactions but does not enable KAM. This results in extensive custom development.

Implementation is complex

Salesforce allows organizations to customize experiences and workflows across multiple instances which can make enabling new processes difficult.

No resources to support

Updates and enhancements to a Salesforce instance require all aspects of custom software development which limits agility and improvement.


Salesforce + Valkre enables enterprise KAM

Turnkey KAM for Salesforce

Valkre App for Salesforce AppExchange enables best-in-class KAM in less than an hour.

Turnkey KAM for Salesforce
Compliments any existing workflows

Compliments any existing workflows

No Code Lightning Components and Connectors can meet any business or technical requirement…across one, or many, instances of Salesforce in an enterprise.

Zero cost of ownership

Configuration, support, issue resolution, and ongoing enhancements performed seamlessly without any dependency on internal Salesforce or IT resources.

Zero cost of ownership

We meet you where you're at

New to KAM? Ready for best-in-class? Somewhere in between? We are experts at meeting teams where they are at and getting better fast.

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